Direct to Patient Logictics Services

Polar Expres is an industry-leading company for direct patient. We set standards in the clinical study supply chain to allow active participation of patients in studies worldwide.

We are careful to offer materials for clinical studies and collection of biological samples directly from the patient’s location wherever they are. We guarantee a high quality service that’s always on time with a complete temperature monitoring system for the entire process, from collection to delivery.

Direct to Patient Logictics Services

Are you interested in hiring our services? Tell us what you need and the delivery and collection points, we will take care of the rest. Polar Expres offers you Direct Patients (DTP) and (DFP) services internationally.

Our company offers each client tailored solutions to their needs, whether patients or researchers in clinical studies. With Polar Expres you can benefit from the following benefits:

  • Clinical studies participation from the place chosen by the patient for greater comfort.
  • Participation in remote clinical studies for patients who have problems moving to the research site due to health problems.
  • Delivery or collection of biological samples anywhere.

What benefits can Polar Expres offer you? Among many other things, we achieve a very rigorous compliance with the protocol, higher rates of patient retention and a complying attitude of the participating patients.

Virtual studies held by Polar Expres

The virtual studies that we work on in Polar Expres are the solution to the main problems presented by the current study protocols regarding patient follow-up. The need to go on a continuous basis to the clinical space itself for the administration of the medications and for the submission of tests causes patients to refuse participation in or abandon the clinical studies before their completion.

To avoid this loss of data and the consequences that it can have, such as the delay in the approval of a drug, the new model of home health care is born. As the name implies, this model allows visits to the patient’s own home, reducing the drop-out rate in clinical studies considerably.

Our wide distribution network, the means used and the professionalism of our team allow us to offer the following services:



  • Delivery and collection of biological samples at home.
  • Delivery of materials for clinical studies from the supply center to the patient’s own home.
  • Home collection and return of materials for clinical studies, both used and unused.
  • Home health care, sample collection, data collection and active patient listening.

These services included in the so-called virtual studies improve the retention of patients in clinical studies by a high percentage. In the same way they contribute to facilitate initial recruitment.

If you want to know more information about our delivery and collection services for clinical studies, you may you contact us and you will receive personalized advice.